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Liceo Linguistico Statale "Ilaria Alpi" di Cesena - Cesena (FC)
Centrale: P.zza Aldo Moro, 76 - 47521 Cesena (Fc) Tel. 0547 21256
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Liceo Linguistico Statale "Ilaria Alpi" di Cesena - Cesena (FC)
Ida Marie Nyborg


 My expectations for the school and this year in Italy

About two years ago my mum introduced me to the idea of being an exchange student, and I knew right away that I would do anything to get the opportunity to experience that. It was the first time I’d heard about the whole going-abroad-to-study-a-year thing, and I never knew what I wanted to do when I graduated from school. So I was very relieved when I found out that it was actually going to happen. And here I am now – sitting in Italy where I have been for three months.

Before I left Denmark I tried to focus on not having any expectations about anything at all, as I was afraid I might be disappointed. It didn’t work and my imagination showed me beautiful pictures of vineyards, sun all day long, a big stereotypical italian family and so on. Now that I’m here I can confirm that none of it is true. I don’t have a huge italian family, and don’t live in the countryside with vineyards in the backyard, and even though the weather is nothing to camplain about it still isn’t 25° and sun every day. But I’m so happy here. Nothing could be better.

Another thing which is the exact other way around is the school. I didn’t think a single second about it before I came here and I have absolutely no idea why. I’ve realized that it is a so much bigger part of an exchange year than I thought it would be. If I had known how the school would be then maybe I would have been a little worried cause it’s so much more difficult than I thought it would be. The first month I sat in a class full of intelligent italian students without understanding just one word. Now I have a so-called ‘personal schedule’ which has been going on for about one and a half months. It has made my days so much lighter as I am now in classes at the same level as me and only study subjects I find interesting. The new schedule also means that I have got to meet a lot of new people which I think is one of the main reasons to go on exchange. 

I’m so happy about my choice of going abroad a year. Even though I miss my friends and family at home it doesn’t affect my days here because I know that they arewaiting for me when I come home. I’ve got more amazing friends here than I even allowed myself to hope for before I left Denmark. I’m already so busy living my life here and it is unbelievable how fast you can adapt yourself to a new home, family, country, language and life. I have absolutely no expectations for the rest of the year, except learning the language, cause I have already got more than I could ever have hoped for.


Ida Marie Nyborg – november 2013

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